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Wine Moms But Angry | Black Rifle Coffee Company This F***ing Guy!

On this episode, Ren and Ginger wonder aloud if the best part of waking up is fascism in your cup. Black Rifle Coffee Company is supposed to sell coffee, but what they really sell is "owning the libs" to guys whose entire personality is "GUNS!" Unfortunately, when you package your product in American flags and assault weapons in order to cater to military LARPers and right-wingers, the other circle in this already terrible Venn Diagram includes mass shooters and Nazis. Triggered, yet? Featuring Matt Gaetz federal sex trafficking takes, whether doing cocaine is too gay, and yet another term Ginger has to explain to her dad. Citations at thisfnguypod.com.
  1. Wine Moms But Angry | Black Rifle Coffee Company
  2. Can I Call You Dick? | Richard A. Gardner
  3. Several Degrees in Mouth Stuff | Alexander Graham Bell
  4. We're Here For The Sex | Gender Reveal Parties
  5. Horny on Main | Victor Hugo

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In my therapeutic opinion, this podcast should be part of everyone’s self care plan. Also, I’m probably gonna have my own episode at some point.

Sigmund Freud, a dead asshole

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