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Grand Theft Auto 1890 | Henry Ford This F***ing Guy!

On this episode, Ginger recollects on one of the most lauded industrialists and biggest anti-Semites in American history, Henry Ford. Here's a man who claimed to invent the assembly line, policed his workers' social lives, and was Adolf Hitler's greatest racist inspiration. Truly, an American hero. Featuring mechanophilia, seances for legal advice, and the best Craigslist ad ever written. Citations at thisfnguypod.com.
  1. Grand Theft Auto 1890 | Henry Ford
  2. Eat Your Local Billionaire | Boss Tweed
  3. Sex Idiot of the Far Right | Jacob Wohl
  4. Pick Your Fascist | The Caucasity! Game Show
  5. If By Christian You Mean Racist as F*** | Jerry Falwell Sr.

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In my therapeutic opinion, this podcast should be part of everyone’s self care plan. Also, I’m probably gonna have my own episode at some point.

Sigmund Freud, a dead asshole

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