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Three Different Law & Order Episodes | Bernie Goetz This F***ing Guy!

On this episode, Ginger dips into true crime, where racism and murder fantasy meet! Bernie Goetz, an average white dude who looks like a bad Jeffrey Dahmer spin-off, was dubbed the Subway Vigilante for gunning down four teenage black boys and running away to New Hampshire for awhile. You know, like innocent people do. The fact that we got the Joker movie out of this is somehow not the worst part. Featuring the great soup and sandwich debate, New York City's knife economy, and Ren struggling with Billy Joel lyrics. Citations at thisfnguypod.com.
  1. Three Different Law & Order Episodes | Bernie Goetz
  2. A Sh*t Layer Cake | Syesha Mercado & Florida's Child Welfare System
  3. Should Feces Go on the Kitchen Counter? | Am I The Asshole
  4. All The Jokes Are True | Steven Seagal
  5. Slave-Owning Lucille Bluth | Dolly Madison

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In my therapeutic opinion, this podcast should be part of everyone’s self care plan. Also, I’m probably gonna have my own episode at some point.

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