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Drama Queen with a Hatchet | Carry A. Nation This F***ing Guy!

On this episode, Ginger tells Ren a tale as old as time: about a 6-foot-tall religious lady in the early 1900s taking a hatchet to your local pub. Carry A. Nation was a prohibitionist but without any chill whatsoever, and we thank her wholeheartedly for that. Featuring Goosy Joss, braising politicians, and faking your own death to escape social blunders. Citations at thisfnguypod.com.
  1. Drama Queen with a Hatchet | Carry A. Nation
  2. I'm No Lawyer | Sovereign Citizens
  3. Are We The Baddies? | The History of American Policing
  4. Well-Intentioned Nasty Boy | Franz Mesmer
  5. Autism Melts Steel Beams | Autism Speaks

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In my therapeutic opinion, this podcast should be part of everyone’s self care plan. Also, I’m probably gonna have my own episode at some point.

Sigmund Freud, a dead asshole

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