We’re Going to Need a Sexier Horse | Richmond’s Monument Ave

Welcome back, dear listeners! If you’re an American who has been awake for the last one hundred years or so, you might have heard about all this ruckus about Confederate monuments.

Manchild, The Episode | Peter III of Russia

Welcome back, dear listeners! On this most auspicious day, the day that Hulu releases its brand new series ‘The Great,’ we figured we would give you the lowdown on one of its primary figures. No, not Catherine the Great, but her husband, Peter the Mediocre At Best.

You Can Feel The Boner Behind It | Richard Wagner

Welcome back, dear listeners! Ren and Ginger continue to take on the technical challenges that plague this hellscape we are all trapped in. In the meantime, do you know what Adolf Hitler and Bugs Bunny have in common?