Christmas Carnage | Good King Wenceslas & Les Bal des Ardents

Happy holidays! On this festive episode, Virginia takes us all the way back to medieval times, where folks celebrated their winter celebrations with turkey legs and torturing peasants on spiked wheels.

If By Christian You Mean Racist as F*** | Jerry Falwell Sr.

On today’s episode, Ginger introduces Ren to a man of morals, a man of faith, a man who said that feminists and gays caused 9/11.

The Caucasity! | A TFNG Game Show

On this very special episode, we are joined by Ren and Ginger’s collective husbands on a game show of “Which terrible person said this terrible thing?” Including such icons like Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Schlafly, Donald Trump, and a lot of jokes about how many dumb motherf***ers run our country.