We’re Going to Need a Sexier Horse | Richmond’s Monument Ave

Welcome back, dear listeners! If you’re an American who has been awake for the last one hundred years or so, you might have heard about all this ruckus about Confederate monuments.

Ginger takes us to our hometown of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy and home to Monument Ave, a street filled with Confederate statues and traffic circles that people still can’t f***ing use properly. We answer all the burning questions like: Is memorializing traitors and racists a bad thing? Do we really learn history by driving past statues of slave owners? Are horses sexy? We’re diving into this controversy headfirst, so hang onto your butts!

Self Care Plan

So in lieu of a self care plan, here are some tips for how to maintain the bronze sculptures in your own home because you certainly would not want anything to happen to damage your bronze statues.


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This F***ing Guy is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void. Alcohol not included (but recommended).

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